Dayout Limited was formed following several enquiries from the parents and carers of people with disability requesting more hands-on physiotherapy for their loved ones. They had the valid anxiety that no daily exercises can replace the specialist hands-on treatment approaches and methods that a specialist Physiotherapist can do to help maintain the skills of a disabled person thereby preventing further deterioration.    Dayout was founded as an answer to these queries

The founder and director of Dayout is a specialist learning disability Physiotherapist who has years of experience in this field.Along with a degree in Physiotherapy and  a post graduate diploma in neuro-musculoskeletal physiotherapy ,she is also a holder of Masters in Sociology and hence is aware of the importance of social wellbeing for people with disabilities. She believes that without the physical wellbeing to appreciate the social pleasures all the efforts for a balanced care package is virtually unachievable. Dayout aims to emphasise on the holistic wellbeing of a person with disabilities rather than treating the condition by itself. It is the Director’s dream to operate such a gold standard service in the community by appreciating the different skill set the disabled people have. She does not believe they are disabled at all- just differently abled!

Directors Qualifications:

Bachelors in Physiotherapy
Masters in Sociology
Postgraduate Diploma in Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Diploma in Yoga therapy
Diploma in Acupuncture
Wheelchair prescriber and special seating assessor
Assessor for 24 hour postural management
Prescriber of standing frames and other postural care products if required
Postural care and daily exercises