Other visiting Services


  • Arts and crafts
  • Pottery
  • Reflexology with massage
  • Music Therapy

All the above are visiting services and the need and interest of the person can be specified in the referral letter. Please be aware that they visit on specific days and if you dont attend the day service on those days we may not be able to accomodate you for the sessions, although all efforts will be taken to meet your requests.

Outdoor wheel chair walks/access


Getting a bit of fresh air during day enhances the physiological and psychological wellbeing of a person. Being out and about will make you feel part of the local community . Dayout encourage community access for every person on a regular basis – be it a trip down to the local shop to source ingredients for the days cookery session or a trip to the town in a public transport – all adds to the feeling of enablement and boosts the confidence of the person immensely. They feel like any other person they come across in the community.