We are a specialist day service offering a holistic approach to the lives of the people with disability . When they attend Dayout we make sure that along with their social well being a great amount of effort is put into the physical wellbeing of the person as well. .

Social well being is enhanced through community trips, music sessions, arts& crafts , pottery , cookery etc which emphasises on the social interactions and thereby ensuring the environment at Dayout a friendly place to be in.

In addition to the above, Daily exercise sessions, Reflexology, Sensory sessions etc are also provided

The services we offer will be elaborated under the relevant section.

Sensory Sessions

Fiber optic cables in the light sensory room (5)

A sensory room is  an exciting, yet peaceful and quiet space to develop sensory skills through a range of stimulating objects. Its intended …

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Cookery session


We have regular cookery sessions guided by the activity co-ordinator and run by the staff and service users. The session is conducted …

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